13 November 2007

Global Warnings - predictions come true

Here is a list of predictions made in the past of things that have happened to our planet brought about by changes in the world's climate. Perhaps we should all listen to what the scientists (I mean the ones not being paid by global business interests) are saying now about what's going to happen in the future. Even if they're wrong what have we got to lose? Things that seem obvious and quite normal ideas today were once thought of as speculation and scare mongering. the following list proves that they were correct:

  1. By the year 2000 there will be a noticeable increase in temperature.
  2. Tropical diseases will increase.
  3. The sea levels will rise.
  4. The more CO2 that is release the more the Earth will warm up.
  5. The CO2 will acidify the oceans.
  6. Intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes will intensify/
  7. Australia will become drier.
  8. Food crops will be adversely affected by increased temperature.
  9. Many species will become extinct due to temperature variations.
  10. A rapid increase in the melting of the Earth's ice caps.

The argument that "as an individual I can't make a difference" is wrong and it's not just governments that need to act is misguided. If we ALL made just a little effort to cut back on a number of things; electric consumption, waste, re-cycling, travel etc, then it would make a BIG difference.

Now, switch off that light if you're not in the room. Simple and really not an inconvenience. OK, rant over.

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