05 March 2009

Saint Piran's Day and a list of other Patron Saints

St Piran is the Patron Saint of Cornwall (and tin miners) and March 5th is St Piran's Day.

As a Cornishman I thought I would make the day and my first list for a while with a list of 20 other Patron Saints (and what they're patrons of):

  • St Adjutor - Swimmers
  • St Agatha - Nurses, volcanoes and bell makers
  • St Albinus of Angers -against pirate attack
  • At Anthony - Pig herders and gravediggers
  • St Apollonia - Dentists and toothache
  • St Bartholomew - Plasterers
  • St Blaise - Veterinarians, wool combers, town criers and weavers
  • St Dismas - Undertakers, thieves
  • St Fiacre - Cab drivers and haemorrhoids (it's all that sitting down!)
  • St George Scouts and England
  • St Hippolytus - Prison Officers
  • St Isidore of Seville - computer scientists, computer programmers, computer technicians, computer users, schoolchildren, students
  • St Joseph of Cupertino - Air travelers, aviators, astronauts, test takers
  • St Jude - Lost causes
  • St Martin of Porres - Hairdressers
  • St Michael - Police officers
  • St Natalia of Nicomedia - plague, epilepsy
  • St Saint Pio of Pietrelcina - Stress relief and New year blues
  • St Symphorian - syphilis, eye troubles
  • St Vitus - Comedians and dancers

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