19 August 2009

50 Bands I've Seen Live

I recently got sent a challenge on Facebook to name 50 bands or astists I've seen live. So always one for a challenge (especially when it involves a list) I wrote down the first 50 I thought of.

To maker it more tricky I tried to do it alphabetically and have two bands for each letter (that's why some aren't exactly my favourite acts!). I couldn't think of any for a couple of letters so some have more than two.

It showed just how much live music I've seen over the years, either at their own gigs or at festivals. This list is just the tip of the iceburg! How many can you list yourself?

1 Alabama 3
2 Airhead
3 Blur
4 Bjork
5 David Bowie
6 The Cure
7 Nick Cave (and the Badseeds)
8 Donovan
9 Dan Donnelly and friends
10 Ezio
11 Echo and the Bunnymen
12 Foo Fighters
13 Franz Ferdinand
14 Newton Faulkner
15 Goldfrapp
16 Gomez
17 Hot Chocolate
18 Inspiral Carpets
19 Jay-Z
20 Hobo Jones (and the Junkyard Dogs)
21 Kings of Leon
22 Kaiser Chiefs
23 The Killers
24 Leftfield
25 Lenny Kravitz
26 The Levellers
27 Paul McCartney
28 Manic Street Preachers
29 New Order
30 Orbital
31 Oasis
32 The Police
33 Pulp
34 Public Enemy
35 REM
36 The Raconteurs
37 Radiohead
38 Snow Patrol
39 Bruce Springsteen (and the E Street Band)
40 Squeeze
41 The Ting Tings
42 Travis
43 Underworld
44 The Verve
45 Velvet Underground
46 The Who
47 White Stripes
48 Yeah Yeah Yeahs
49 Neil Young
50 The Zutons

A pretty diverse list, I guess.

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