18 July 2008

The Greatest Comic Book Movie Adaptions

With the release of the trailer to one of the best comic books (graphic novels) ever written, Alan Moore's Watchmen and the imminent UK release of the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight - which is getting rave reviews in the States - (both of which I'm very excited about, I thought I would compile a list of the best films based on comics and graphic novels.

As a medium that almost apes the storyboard process of film making it's surprising that movies based on them didn't really take off until Christopher Reeve donned Superman's pants and, er, took off in 1978. With the advent of CGI and better technology, the superhero film has become become a lot more respected and quality has soared. As have comics themselves.

Of course, comics and graphic novels aren't just about lycra-clan vigilantes, as the following list shows. The list was compiled by taking the best scores of these movies from the excellent Internet Movie Database. All movies are voted for by members and an average (based on numbers of votes) is calculated.

The top comic book movies (according to IMDB):

  1. The Dark Knight average score 9.3
  2. Batman Begins 8.3
  3. The Snowman 8.2
  4. V for Vendetta 8.1
  5. Iron Man 8.1
  6. Hellboy II 8.0
  7. When the Wind Blows 7.9
  8. 300 7.9
  9. Spiderman 2 7.8
  10. X-Men 2 7.8
  11. Ghost in the Shell 7.8
  12. Akira 7.7
  13. Ghost World 7.7
  14. Road to Pedition 7.7
  15. A History of Violence 7.6
  16. Batman (1989) 7.6
  17. X-Men 7.4
  18. Spiderman 7.4
  19. Wanted 7.4
  20. Superman 7.3

  21. You can see the new trailer, released today, for Watchmen by clicking here

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