23 March 2008

Edopter - Top Twelve Future Trends

Edopter is a web site that lets people predict what new trends and ideas will be shaping the future. Decided on, reviewed and voted on by it's users, it describes itself a "social trendcaster" where it's ethos is to "discover and share new trands in fashion, music, lifestyle, design, pretty much everything...".
Split into six categories they also give a statistic on what age/sex is most interested in each entry. Here's a list of some of the most interesting in each category:

Barack Obama:
"Barack Obama is the agent of change America needs to lead it back into the light."

Hatsune Miku:
"Hatsune Miku ("sound of the future") is the latest singing sensation to hit Japan. No, she's not a new idol singer, she's Yamaha's Vocaloid2 software based on the voice of vocalist Saki Fujita. Anyone can make a song by inserting the lyrics and notes"

United Arab Emerates - Disneyland of the Middle East:
"The UAE is the richest per capita country in the world. That means they have money, and they just so happen to spend it on the more innovative projects known to man. Hotels, houses, beaches, corporate buildings...just not the way we know them"

A recent trend in nightlife/restaurants - the faux-speakeasy. Back-alleys, secret doors, unpublished reservation lines..."

"Clear registered travelers are able to pass through airport security checkpoints with greater ease on a growing list of airports across the US"

Green Supercars:
"One time gas guzzlers are becoming earth-friendly"

Tap Water:
"Stop buying bottled water, and start drinking tap water."

Boycotting the 2008 Olympics:
"The movement to publicly express concern about the countless violations of every fundamental freedom in China by boycotting the 2008 games in Beijing."

Upper West Side Soweto:7"
The latest uplifting indie craze, fronted by Vampire Weekend, which mixes indie rock and ska with a traditional African sound. In the same vein as Paul Simon and Dave Matthews Band."

Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment:
"The slowdown of the arcade has seen the birth of a new industry that uses the latest in immersive display technology and CGi computer power to create networked attractions that can be placed in malls and venues offering pay-to-play fun."

The Web:
"A person who is very well known or famous but mainly only on the internet... I bet you can name at least one right now..."

VisualCV Inc:
"VisualCV.com is reinventing the resume by applying Web 2.0 technologies like mashups, video, pictures and professional social networking to make it easier for candidates to truly stand out and highlight their credentials."

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Sean said...

Thanks for sharing this site, interesting concept. I love the "Cewebrities:" trend, its so true with the way the internet works these days.

Keep the good posts coming!