08 June 2008

50 and counting

This weekend was a good friend of mine's 50th birthday. So: to celebrate I've made a list: Now, a number of prominent people where born in 1958 and here is a list of 50 of them. See if you can work out who my mate is...

Grandmaster Flash - rapping pioneer
Matt Frewer - actor, Max Headroom
Vicki Peterson - Guitarist for The Bangles
Jools Holland - musician and broadcaster, Squeeze and Later With...
Ellen DeGeneres - Actress and famous lesbian
Michael Jackson - television executive
Tip Tipping - actor and stuntman (Aliens)
Nik Kershaw - pop star and music writer
Andy Gibb - pop star (the Bee Gees)
Gary Numan - pop star
Sharon Stone - actress (Basic Instinct) and China agitator
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Holly Hunter - actress (Broadcast News)
Gary Oldman - actor (Batman Begins)
Alec Baldwin - actor (The Hunt for Red October)
Will Sergeant - guitarist, Echo and the Bunnymen
Fish - singer (Marillion)
Eric Singer - drummer (Kiss)
Neil Finn - musician/song writer (Crowded House)
Annette Bening actress (American Beauty)-
Prince - pop star
Zane Llewelyn - racing driver
Keenen Ivory Wayans - actor/director
Meredith Brooks - singer
Bill Watterson - cartoonist (Calvin and Hobbes)
Jennifer Saunders - comedian
Kevin Bacon - actor (Footloose)
Michael Flatley - dancer
Kate Bush - singer/songwriter
Bill Berry - former drummer of REM
Bruce Dickinson - rock star (Iron Maiden)
Madonna - pop star
Angela Bassett - actress (What's Love Got to Do With It?)
Belinda Carlisle - pop star (The GoGos)
Steve Guttenberg - actor (Police Academy)
Tim Burton - director (Edward Scissorhands)
Michael Jackson - pop star
Chris Columbus - director (Harry Potter)
Andrea Bocelli - opera singer
Thomas Dolby - pop star (Hyperactive)
Tim Robbins - actor (The Shawshank Redemption)
Viggo Mortensen - actor (Lord of the Rings)
Mark King - singer/bass guitarist (Level 42)
Simon Le Bon - singer (Duran Duran)
Mark Austin - newsreader
Jamie Lee Curtis - actress (Trading Places)
George Saunders - author
Nick Park -animator (Wallace and Grommit)
Niki Sixx - rock star (Motley Crue)
Alannah Myles - singer (Black Velvet)

Also celebrating her birthday this week (though not 50th) is my great friend, Dory. I couldn't let it go by without a mention cos she's took lovely and one of the kindest, friendliest people I have the pleasure know. So have a great birthday this week honey.

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