20 June 2008

Rubbish Design

The online product reviewing web sire Reevoo has published the results of a poll to show the most useless British products, and quite frankly, it makes you wonder if these companies have a quality control department or do any product testing. They be producing chocolate teapots and rubber ladders next. It proves it's always worth reading the reviews before any purchases too.

Possibly the worst piece of design Ive ever had was a bicycle with a type of welding on the front pillar that meant it kept shearing away, leaving a inicycle and a pair of handlebars in my hands (and usually a scab on my chin).

What's the worst designed thing you have ever owned? Let's name and shame them!

                  1. The Bosch KGU30605 fridge (above), which had an egg tray that could only hold five eggs, despite the fact that most eggs are sold in boxes of six. Despite this, the fridge was highly popular when it went on sale.

                  2. The Zanussi ZWF14581 washing machine - Which only had one temperature setting: 60 degrees Celsius, resulting in it washing synthetics 20 degrees above the correct temperature.

                  3. LG 37LF66 television - A television set which had no on/off button, meaning that you had to pull out the plug in order to turn the set off.

                  4. Easy Store large slide - A toy slide which was coloured a bright yellow colour, which attracted lots of insects towards it.

                  5. Kenwood DW12CFE dishwasher - A dishwasher which if used to wash full sized dinner plates meant the top rack couldn't be used becuase the spinner won't spin.

                  6. LM Tech battery powered heated gloves - These gloves did not get hot enough to warm your fingers.

                  7. Carlton CTD1W table top dishwasher - A type of dishwasher which could not wash standard mugs because they would not fit into it.

                  8. Elba C96DF 90 gas oven - An oven where the knobs also heated up when the grill was on.

                  9. Hotpoint RLA21 4.6 Cu.ft. larder fridge - A fridge that did not have a light in it which meant you needed a torch so you could what was in the back.

                  10. Uni Media 22/1 IDTVDVD 22" HD ready digital television - This TV had a picture adjustment box which appears in the middle of the screen. It was so big, you could not see the screen, therefore making it impossible to adjust the picture.

                  1 comment:

                  Vimes said...

                  Advent 6170 Home computer with
                  1. Not enough ram to run the operating system
                  2. The external power switch being located 3 inches above the internal one.
                  3. Serial Keyboard but only USB ports.
                  4. Sold as a budget gaming PC but had no Graphics card

                  Was great I really hope somebody was shot for that one