20 December 2007

Best and Worst of 2007 - a personal view

It's the end of the year and everywhere you look everyone is doing lists. Best this, worst that: how could I call myself a serious compiler of lists if I didn't do my own. SO here's a list of random stuff I enjoyed (or detested) in the year of our Lord 2007. These are only from the things I can remember, a year is such a long time! Feel free to comment if you disagree.

Best film: Once
Best TV, drama: Skins
Best TV, comedy/quiz: QI

Best Album: Favourite Worse Nightmare - Arctic Monkeys
Best Single: Golden Skans - Klaxons
Best Single (cover version): Newton Faulker - Teardrop
Best Rock Single: The Pretender - Foo Fighters/Invincible - Muse
Best Dance Single: NYC Beats - Armand Van Helden
Best single (pop): Shine – Take That
Best Live Act; the Police
Worst live act: Maximo Park/Bloc Party
Best live comedy: Lee Mack

Worst single: T2 - Heartbroken/Rhianna - Umbrella/anything by Mika
Best comeback: The Police/Take That (was that 2006?)/Wispa bars
Worst comeback: Spice Girls

Book: Straw Men trilogy by Michael Marshall/Triptych - Karin Slaughter

Best advert: Shreddies!

Memorable news event - Madeline McCann disappearance/Blair goes, Brown in

Sporting achievement Manchester United winning the Premier League/Lewis Hamilton's first season in F1
Biggest dissapointment: Glastonbury Festival weather/England football team not qualifying for Europe
Most memorable event: going to court/seeing Tutankamun's mask

Best night: cocktails and wii night in!/update: New Year's Eve!
Didnt think I'd do: go inside a pyramid
Ouch: burning arm with pan of boiling water a week before holiday in Egypt
Holidays: Egypt/Glastonbury Festival/Spain

Best game (Wii): Tony Hawk's Downhill Challenge
Best game, (PS2): Lego Star Wars
Best game (PC) Bioshock
Worst game: Marvel Superheroes (Wii)

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