18 December 2007

Christmas is coming...

...and the Fat Cats are getting, er, fatter. Despite figures being down and the cut price sales starting already, millions will still be spent. In these consumerist times here are a few Christmas spending facts:

  • According to the debit card company, Switch, each person in the UK will spend an average of £862, up 20% on 2001 (£710)
  • Christmas tree sales will total an estimated £245 million which is nearly 7million Christmas tree.
  • This year on December 1st, three of London's main streets were closed to traffic and Christmas shopppers spent more than £100 million.
  • The main targets for shoplifters are cosmetic, womenswear, perfume and alcohol. They will steal approximately £431 million worth of goods over the Christmas period. £1 million
  • On the Friday before Christmas last year, shopper withdrew £q million a minute from the nations cash machines.
  • Online sales last year reached £7.66 billion in online sales on the run up to Christmas.
  • 10% of men spend over £1000 on gifts but only 2% of women do.
  • On average, parents spend £200 per child
  • Last week, three studies assessing the Government's poverty strategy concluded half a million children have been lifted out of poverty, but 3.9m remain there.
  • In 2006, a family of four on benefits could, on average, only manage to spend on average of £121 over the whole of Christmas.

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