01 December 2007

Empire Top Films of 2007

Well it's started. The end of year lists by all the magazines and newspapers, their "best of 2007" opinions, might provide a handy body of lists for this blog! Empire magazine is first off the mark with their favourite films, as voted for by their staff. Empire is my favourite film magazine so it's the one I take most notice of. It also shows how little I've been to the cinema. The movies that I did manage to catch are in uppercase, with my star rating.

I have to metion the cover of this months Empire though. It's a fantastic image of Heath Ledger as The Joker in the new Batman film, The Dark Knight. Looks bloody fantastic, a really clever re-imagining of the Clown Prince of Crime. I'll have to make a list of movies I'm looking forward to in the next year, The Dark Knight being one of them.

Image from Ain't It Cool News

Let me know what you think the best film of the year was, add a comment. Mine is undoubtedly Once, you can read my review here.

Anyway, on with Empire's Top Films of 2007

25. Venus
24. A Prairie Home Companion
23. 2 Days in Paris
22. Michael Clayton
21. Sunshine
20. Bable
19. Waitress
18. ONCE *****
17. The Fountain
16. Lions for Lambs
15. This is England
14. Notes on a Scandal
13. Inland Empire
12. Control
11. Letters from Iwo Jima
10. Half Nelson
9. Knocked Up
8. HOT FUZZ ****
7. Superbad
6. Zodiac
5. The Assassination of Jesse James...
4. Ratatouille *****
3. Atonement
2. The Lives of Others
1. The Bourne Ultimatum

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