09 April 2008

10 annoying things people do

Inspired by a comment left by fellow Blogger Elizabeth for an idea for a list, here are (in no particular order) ten things that people do that really get on my nerves:

  1. Lorries that pull out or cut you up: just because you're driving something bigger that probably won't get damaged if I drive into the side of you doesn't give you the right to pull out in front of me.
  2. Not indicating: people who don't show other drivers, cyclists or pedestrians where they are going on the road. Just because you know what lane you are in and where the road markings say you can go doesn't mean everyone else does, especially pedestrians or people who have never been to the area before. It's dangerous, impolite and quite frankly lazy. It doesn't take much.
  3. "I hate...": people who say they hate things before they've experienced them. Yes, you can have a preconception of something and suspect it won't be to your taste, be it music, food, films, whatever, but don't claim to hate, or worse, be outraged by something without having tried it out first.
  4. Knee wobbling: people who have that weird twitch thing where their knee jolts up and down, making your monitor wobble in front of your eyes on the desk. They know they're doing it but seem oblivious to it's effects. Probably not very good when I have restless leg syndrome and do this in my sleep!
  5. Mobile phones: where do I start with the annoying things people do with mobiles? Irritating ringtones (especially manufacturer defaults and people having "retro" phones with crap polyphonic tones cos they think it's cool), driving whilst talking (or worse, texting), talking loudly on public transport (we don't care about your private life and we can't get away)... Mobile phones could have a list of their own.
  6. Rushing to get off a plane: standing up before the seatbelt signs are extinguished, squeezing into the aisle grabbing for the bags in the lockers, all before the doors are opened. You're not going to get out quicker and even if you get off first you'll just be waiting for longer at the baggage carousel because you getting off first won't make the baggage handlers work any quicker. Which leads onto...
  7. Standing right next to the baggage carousel: with baggage trolleys. It is so rude, getting in the way whilst everyone else's suitcases trundle past, blocking people so they can't get to theirs whilst you wait for yours. Stand back so everyone can see, only move forward when your bag comes around. If everyone did this it would be so much easier and quicker.
  8. Your/you're: my biggest bugbear in grammar and probably the one I see the most on internet forums. Closely followed by to/too.
  9. Queue jumping: especially when the people know they're doing it but pretend they don't. Yeah, I want to be standing here and your life must be so much more important than mine, please steal some more of my time.
  10. Hypocrisy: which I'm also guilty of because I've probably done most of the above.


katcampbell said...

I'm a huge candidate for road rage myself. I don't understand how people manage to obtain a drivers license, and yet fail to remember there are RULES for driving. Thank you for dropping by my blog with a book suggestion. I hope you'll come back.

Eamon said...

Add to your list: people who drive on outside lane of dual carriage-way, without pulling over when there is nothing in front of them and you're right behind them ..

Patty said...

thats a really good list.