14 April 2008

10 English actors in American dramas

What's going on? Maybe it's cos they can do the accent? It seems that British actors are emmigrating to the USA to take over some of the biggest roles on US television. I'm sure they are being lured by the huge sums of money offered by dramas over the pond but not only are they getting some of the top jobs, they're also playing Americans, rather than the usual villain in previous years. this is without British comedies being remade for the States, such as The Office, Spaced and Little Britain. Or Simon Cowell, Nigell Lithgow and Piers Morgan being the faces of light entertainment.

This post has been inspired by the premier of Pushing Daisies on ITV this weekend. Staring the beautiful Anna Friel (right), it's like a Tim Burton-esque world, with the quirkiness of Amelie. Set in a technocolour Americana world, Friel's character, Chuck, starts the show dead, only to be revived by a childhood sweetheart, who has the ability to bring people back to life. They fall in love but there's a problem; if he touches her she will decend back to a non-living state. Bummer. This show has got great potential. High concept and a unique look, it could go one way or the other. Fingers crossed.
Anyway, back to the list, Brits on US TV. Well this lists is some of the most prominent roles taken by British actors on Americcan television, not always totally successfully (Michelle Ryan!):

Anna Friel - Chuck in Pushing Daisies
Hugh Laurie - Dr. Gregory House in House
Michelle Ryan - Jamie Sommers in The Bionic Woman
Dominic Monaghan and Naveen Andrews - Charlie Pace and Sayid Jarrah in Lost
Jane Leeves - Daphne Moon in Frasier
Joely Richardson - Julia McNamara in Nip/Tuck
Frances O'Connor - Zoe Burden in Cashmere Mafia (about to be aired in the UK)
Sophia Myles - Beth Turner in Moonlight (to be shown later in the year in the UK)
Minnie Driver - Dahlia Malloy in The Riches
Alex Kingston - Dr Elizabeth Corday in ER

Can Michelle Ryan rebuild her career after The Bionic Woman?

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Eamon said...

Always thought the girl from Easter Enders (Micehlle Ryan) looked a bit beefy (still great looking). Looks the part. 'Sure acting skills won't be too much of a demand. Will do well, I guess.