02 April 2008

Trailers recut

There's seems to be a trend at the moment of no/lw budget remakes of movies. The films Be Kind, Rewind and Son of Rambow deal with people remaking movies whilst the internet is full of videos of people's own take on the classics.

One of my favourite trends is the film trailer recut: taking a classic movie and making a new promo for it, usually changing the genre, and when done well usually very funny. The first one I saw was the re-edit of Mary Poppins as Scary Mary, a horror film. I since discovered the Association of Independent of Creative Editors runs a "Trailer Park" competition and some of these are entries (25-year-old Robert Ryang won the competition with the superb re-edit of Kubrick's terrifying The Shining, as a rom-com!

The Shining Recut- AICE Trailer Park Competition Winner

Scary Mary - Mary Poppins Horror

Top Gun - should that be Brokeback Jetplane?

Fame - For All Must Eat

The Terminator - 2006 AICE Trailer Park Competition Winner

Brilliant. I'm sure I'll list more of these, or maybe even try one myself. Shows how a create use of music and voiceover can really make an impression (and how trailers work in the first place).

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