20 May 2008

Added note: Bearded Theory rocked!

Bearded Theory festival was brilliant. Great crowd, great organisation and most of all great fun. The bands were great: unfortunately Dan Donnelly pulled out but The Runners were a fantastic replacement one of the highlights) and one to watch: a spiky, indie band with great songs and the stage presence f a band much bigger. Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs got everyone singing along, the Beetroot Kings were fabulous and should go far (first single release next month), Dreadzone Sound System rocked the dance tent and the open mic stage in the tea tent was inspired, and great fun.

The only complaint could be the weather, aftre two blazing hot weekends it was a little damp and cold. The buzz on the multitude of festivals forums (including the official one) is very good. Well done everyone involved and see you again next year.

Here's a few of my photos. link
And videos of my cousin Al and buddy Keef (who had never played together before) playing on the Open Mic Stage. link 1, link 2

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