31 May 2008

Britain's got talent shows

The finals of both BBC's and ITV's big talent shows were held tonight, battling for the Saturday night tv ratings. I'll Do Anything whittled down hundreds of auditionees to find the role of Nancy in the latest Cameron MacIntosh/Andrew Lloyd-Webber West End stage production of Oliver. Meanwhile ITV scoured the "talent" of the country to 10 final acts, in the most part all worthy of a spot on the Royal Variety Performance in Britain's Got Talent.

Now both shows are old fashioned variety, unlike "modern reality tv like Big Brother which starts it's 9th series in the UK on Thursday, but both are entertaining in their own way. Both ramp up the drama, all face-off's between the contestants and dramatic pauses. They are both ultimately voted for by the public (after lengthy audition stages by Lloyd Webber, Simon Cowell and co. I still can't past the fact though, that like karaoke, it's more fun watching the people who think they have talent than the ones that ultimately triumph.

I'll Do Anything finalists:

Winner: Jodie Prenger

Jessie Buckley
Sam Barks

Britain's Got Talent finalists:

Winner: George Sampson - dancer

Runners up:
Signature - comedy asian dancers
Andrew Johnston - dancer in shower

other finalists:
Andrew Muir - annoying young singer
Cheeky Monkeys - nauseous talent kiddie dancers
Escala - babe sting quartet
Faryl Smith - 12 year old amazing opera singer
Kate and Gin - amazing dancing dog (and owner)
Nemesis - urban dance group
Strike - more dancers

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Vimes said...

Never thought I would say this but...

I don't see why they don't just bring back New Faces, all of these "reality" talent searches steal its formula. Bring it back, jazz it up add viewer voting bang worth millions