04 May 2008

The British Soap Awards 2008

Another awards ceremony was held in London last night, this time for that loftiest of television output, the continuing drama (that's Soap Opera to you and me). Now, I only really watch Eastenders, though Hollyoaks kind of gets viewed as I veg out after work (though that's been taken over by my daily Wii Fit workout!). I find Coronation Street too silly ( I haven't watched it for a long, probably since moving out from my parents *mumble mumble* years ago, and Ive never watched Doctors of Emmerdale.

Soaps are the kind of programme you can just turn off to, feel better about your own life and "know" what's going to happen and have the satisfaction of saying "I knew that was going to happen" but not knowing quite how. People can get very pretentious about "low brow" television but it has it's place. The same place in society as cheesy pop, The Sun newspaper and microwave ready meals. With such high brow categories as "Sexiest Female" and "Best Exit" these are their Oscars:

Voted by the viewers:

Sexiest Male:
Rob James -Collier (Liam Connor - Coronation Street)

Sexiest Female
Roxanne McKee (Louise Summers - Hollyoaks)

Villain Of The Year
Jack P. Shepherd (David Platt - Coronation Street)

Best Actor
Chris Fountain (Justin Burton - Hollyoaks)

Best Actress
Emma Rigby (Hannah Ashworth - Hollyoaks)

Panel voted categories:

Best Comedy Performance
Maggie Jones (Blanche Hunt - Cornation Street)

Best Dramatic Performance
Jo Joyner (Tanya Branning - Eastenders)

Spectacular Scene Of The Year
Hollyoaks: Claire drives her car off a cliff

Best Dramatic Performance From A Young Actor Or Actress
Jamie Borthwick (Jay Brown - Eastenders)

Best Single Episode
Emmerdale: Daniel’s Death

Best Exit
Gemma Bissix (Clare Cunningham - Hollyoaks)

Best Newcomer
Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre - Cornonation Street)

Best On-Screen Partnership
Matt Littler (Max Cunningham) & Darren Jon Jeffries (Sam OB O’Brien - Hollyoaks)

Best Storyline
EastEnders: Max and Stacey’s affair

Lifetime Achievement Award
Liz Dawn

Special Achievement Award
Tim Fee (Line producer on Emmerdale)

Best Soap


Eamon said...

I think that is a great idea about doing stop motion animation (keep calling it 'stop gap' animation in my head, for some reason, which is really annoying ..).

Thinking about it, I won't be able to do it right now. Mainly time. But, also, money.

At some time in the future, I would love to do it. I have written a science fiction / fantasy book that I am thinking of promoting via blog and animation.

Don't know when that will happen (few months time, hopefully). But it would be interesting to see you do something: following the story of someone putting together an animation. Could be an interesting feature for a blog.

Sandra Ree said...

very, I would watch/read it. :)