20 September 2007

Beanz Meanz Fartz and other shocking facts

The media (on-line and traditional) have been going on about a scientific study saying that the health of children deteriorates when they eat junk food*. I don't believe it, that's really shocked me, I would never have thought it. Here's a few moreamazing, totally true (honest) facts from recent studies:

  • A government study has found that carrots are less effective for helping you see in the dark than battery-powered torches.
  • Scientists from the European Institute for Statistical Scientific Studies have found that guide dogs can't read braille.
  • Environmental groups have surmised that if every person in Britain were to switch their lights on one hour later than they normally do then admissions to Accident and Emergency wards would go up by 23%.
  • Medical studies prove that new born babies from disadvantaged families are shorter than both parents (if both parents are known).
  • Research shows that Christmas is indeed getting earlier every year and by August 2012 it will already be Christmas 2013.
  • 84% of Americans believe that dead former-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein should never be allowed to rule a country again.
  • According to top pollsters WePoll, cigarettes are the biggest cause of statistics.
  • In a study of three internet polls, 87% of polls were found to be 100% accurate. The other 30% were found to be only 71% accurate with the remainder answering "not known".
  • The Federation of Police Federations have discovered that policemen aren't getting younger but are, in fact, aging at the same rate as civilians and, indeed, convicted criminals.
  • 86% of research is carried out in the last 10% of the time given over to the study, whilst 90% or research budgets are spent down the pub (where most of the next research projects are thought up).

*I had a quick look around for a link to this story somewhere online but all I could find was results to studies showing exactly the same results but all at least three years old.

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