11 September 2007

How dirty can I get?

There was a really interesting documentary on BBC3 last night called "How Dirty Can I Get?" which was an experiment to see what would happen if the journalist Nicky Taylor (a cross between Morgan Spurlock and Bridget Jones) didn't wash for six weeks. Some research has shown that the rise in many medical problems in Britain could be down to what we put on our skin (especially breast cancer).

''How Dirty Can I Get? Journalist and presenter Nicky Taylor (well-known for her recent BBC Three documentaries How Young Can I Get? and Booze Birds) is back to find out what it's like to give up washing herself for six weeks. On her journey, she'll be asking if we really need all the hygiene products we surround ourselves with. And is it true that your hair starts to self-clean if you leave it alone for long enough?'' from the BBC3 website

It seems it's a myth that you hair starts to naturally clean itself and your teeth do start to fall apart but surprisingly the number of extremely dangerous bacteria on her skin was about normal, her digestive system was better behaved and her skin had a "glow" about it. She did stink though. Now I'm not one of these "metro-sexual" guys, who's always pampering himself and getting manicures etc but it got me thinking about what products I use on myself everyday. So here's a list of what I put on my skin every morning, it's quite shocking really:

  • Lush Seanick seaweed shampoo bar

  • Palmolive shower gel

  • (occasionally Johnson's No Tears Baby Shampoo -recommended to me for tired/itchy eyes)

  • Gillette Sensitive Skin shaving gel

  • Nivea For Men Shaving Balm

  • Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste

  • Generic brand mouthwash

  • Sure For Men deodorant

  • Black and White hair wax

If that's just me it's no wonder that the average British male spends 800% more on cosmetic products since 2000.

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