18 September 2007

Cool brands

Last week Superbrands (the organisation that presents expert and consumer opinion on branding in the UK) announced it's list of cool brands. Using criteria such as whether the product is stylish, innovative, original, authentic, desirable and unique it produce their list. It seems, if the movers and shakers who decide these kind of things are correct, I'm not as un-cool as I thought!

My I Want One of Those list was topped by an Aston Martin, I'm listening to my iPod and have videos posted on YouTube. I might not have a B&O stereo but I use Google everyday (and for this blog!). I haven't used my PlayStation for a while and although I use a PC isn't my iPod made by Apple? I better buy Sally something from Agent Provocateur though. The Wii needs another airing too. I don't quite understand why Virgin Atlantic are so high (I've never even crossed the pond). From further down the list, the Tate Modern is where me and my wife had our first date, and we've got some Green and Black's chocolates at home. Officially slightly cool I think (though now they're on a list their coolness will have diminished!).

Superbrands official Cool Brands list:

  1. Aston Martin
  2. iPod
  3. YouTube
  4. Bang & Olufsen
  5. Google
  6. PlayStation coolness
  7. Apple
  8. Agent Provocateur
  9. Nintendo
  10. Virgin Atlantic
  11. Ferrari
  12. Ducati
  13. eBay
  14. Rolex
  15. Tate Modern
  16. Prada
  17. Lamborghini
  18. Green & Black’s
  19. iTunes
  20. Amazon

A full list of winners can be found here


joen05 said...

Just found your blog thru your comment on mrs. mandypoo's blog. Interesting stuff, I read everything on the front page. Especially liked the last two posts! Perhaps we can exchange links! Feel free to visit and let me know!


MandyPoo said...

Uh oh, it looks like I'm not very cool because sadly, I only use/own 5 of the 20 brands listed here. (If I had a few more bucks, I could add a few more such as Rolex, Prada, Ferrari, & Lamborghini)...

And by the way, thanks for visiting my blog recently!

NeoAuteur said...

I don't know... I'm a Microsoft type of guy.