24 September 2007

Death of the album cover?

Last night I was watching a programme on BBC4 about the history of Factory Records (with Peter Saville's classic graphic design) and, along with Hard-Fi's latest release, it got me thinking about the demise of the classic record cover. As artistic as the music itself (and sometimes better!) the album sleeve gave way to the smaller cd cover and with the increasing popularity of the music download is is it going to disappear completely? Yes, you can get artwork to download to your iPod screen but its limited size means that you can't pour over a Sgt Pepper type sleeve again.

Like The Beatles following Sgt Pepper with the White album, Hard-Fi's Once Upon a Time in the West with a cover that only has the title and the words "No Cover Art emblazoned across the front where a glossy picture would normally be, highlights how sleeve art is disappearing.

I've decided to search for the what I think are the best covers of the download era, whilst they're still around.

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