04 September 2007

Well, a blog has to start somewhere...

These days everyone seems to have a blog. So I thought it was about time that I created one.

The thing is what subject matter could I choose? This is the internet and it's a bit like my brain, full of random things with very little cohesion. A lot of blogs have specific themes others just random postings and some are just online diaries. I wanted to make mine more like the contents of my own grey matter, so I decided to make it a list of, well... lists. Random lists of likes, dislikes, bests and worsts. Anything that crosses my mind really.

And you're all welcome to cut me down in my tracks and deride my choices and even add your own lists.

Well thats my first post, and not a list in sight. Bare with me til I set this all up.
In the meantime, if you have any suggestions of lists i could include please feel free to add them into the comments.

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