07 September 2007

I want one of these...

...but never couldn't justify getting one.

  1. Aston Martin DB5 - The coolest car ever. Hand-made. James Bond drove it. More stylish than anything on the road now (except maybe the Aston Martin DB7).

  1. Laser Graffiti Projector thingie - Eat your heart out Banksie. Ultimately useless! (see video below).

  2. Airsteam caravan - making caravaning look cool. Was parked near Joe Strummer's Airstream one Glastonbury and I fell in love. Image that behind the DB5 (or my VW Camper).

  3. Skycar M400 - It's a car - that flies! VTOL. Avoid traffic jams. Park anywhere. Trouble is you can't go very high without a pilots licence and it would be rubbish when everyone has one.

  4. R2D2 DVD projector - Amongst other things it projects movies (not as holograms unfortunately), plays MP3s and CDs and vacuums the floor (last bit not true unfortunately).

Below: video of laser projector

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