06 September 2007

Dinner party guests

Here is a list of imaginary dinner party guests (human movie characters) that you WOULDN'T want at your dinner table. As suggested by my Dad*

  1. Mr. Creosote (The Meaning of Life)
    see video below
  2. Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
  3. Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs)
  4. Ace Ventura (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)
  5. Dan Dark (The Singing Detective)
  6. Karen Carpenter (The Karen Carpenter Story)
  7. Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands)
  8. John 'Bluto' Blutarsky (National Lampoon's Animal House)
  9. Mr Bean (Mr Bean)
  10. Kevin (Sin City)

* He actually had the idea of ideal dinner party guests but I thought I'd do something slightly different.


Scott said...

Some real freaks there, how about

Jabba the Hut (Star Wars)and Beetle Juice. Come to think of it what about a dinner party where only these people are there omg!

DeeDubya said...

I think you'll find Jabba isn't human (the clue is in his name, he's a Hutt). I'll give you Beetlejuice though (despite him being dead).